Frequently Asked Questions

Coleman Academy is founded based on the strong foundation of Coleman College and the motivation to benefit our students centered on proven methodologies to effective teaching and learning. Harnessing the strengths of Coleman College of 25 years, and synthesizing the experiences, knowledge and skills that our CEO has multiplied over the last 20 years with the Ministry of Education and Singapore schools, the aim of Coleman Academy is to inspire, motivate and most importantly coach our students to excel in their PSLE, ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels examinations.

Our approach to realising our students’ aspirations is grounded on our AAA framework. The AAA framework embraces Aspire, Action and Achieve.

Aspire: We engage our students to aspire and dream for themselves what they want to achieve and become. They will visualise themselves performing well and gaining greater confidence in all that they do.

Action: By taking action to attend our Personal Mastery Programmes (PMP) is a very important action to initiate. Our students believe that they can achieve their dreams as our teachers bring them through an effective and fruitful learning journey. Engaging and innovative pedagogies employed by our teachers using the COLEMAN methodology will inspire our students to take action and work hard so that they are on the precise path to achieving academic excellence.

Achieve: Our students embark on fun-filled competitions to sharpen their skills to excel in examinations. Timely, accurate feedback and proper guidance will be given to our students to enable them to achieve their goals. To fully ensure that our students deliver peak performance, simulated examinations will be conducted before all major examinations.

At Coleman Academy, we have developed the COLEMAN methodology, a unique 7-step structured process to enable our students to reach their peak performance in a shorter time. The COLEMAN methodology aims to instill in our students the joy of learning and the confidence to perform well for the examinations and beyond.

By using the COLEMAN methodology, our teachers will guide our students through a structured process of:
C – clarify concepts
O – observe key examples (from simple to examination type questions)
L – learn effective problem solving skills
E – enhance understanding (online learning resources for self-directed learning)
M – master the skills to ace the examinations (solving 8 critical examination standard questions)
A – achieve personal mastery (solving questions through end-of-chapter fun-filled competitions)
N – nail in your best result (simulated examinations before schools’ major exams as well as training students to check their answers to ensure that they get them right all the time)

At Coleman Academy, we customise 3 Personal Mastery Programmes (PMP) to meet the specify needs of our students. They are PMP – Enhancement, PMP – Improvement Guaranteed and PMP – Scholars.

a. For PMP – Enhancement, the aim is to nurture our students to make improvement using our COLEMAN methodology.

b. For PMP – Improvement Guaranteed, the aim is to nurture our students to make significant improvement using our COLEMAN methodology. Students will be guaranteed to make improvement of at least 1 grade for Primary and 2 grades Secondary and JCs. 100% of the fee will be refunded if the stated target is not achieved despite satisfying the specified conditions of
(i) completing and submitting all assignments on time,
(ii) participating actively in learning during lessons as well as
(iii) attending all pre-arranged extra classes. Students who did well would be eligible to attend the PMP – Scholars classes.

c. For PMP – Scholars, the aim is to nurture our students to achieve Distinction grades using our COLEMAN methodology so that our students will be eligible for the various scholarships. Extra coaching will be provided to develop the leadership qualities of these students. 100% refund if the stated target is not achieved despite satisfying the specified conditions of
(i) completing and submitting all assignments on time,
(ii) participating actively in learning during lessons as well as
(iii) attending all pre-arranged extra classes.
To be eligible for PMP – Scholars classes, students must score at least a B3 for our Coleman Academy’s assessment test.

At Coleman Academy, we believe that the key to our students’’ success lies on the quality of our teachers. Therefore, we spare no efforts to recruit and retain good and effective teachers to engage and guide our students in their development. All our teachers have the NIE (National Institute of Education) certification, meaning that they are qualified school teachers. And most of them have proven good results in their schools. Parents may check their certification at Coleman Academy.

• They know the syllabus well
• They know how exam scripts are marked, and thus able to coach students better
• They know the common pitfalls and misconceptions
• They are trained in child psychology to motivate our students to excel
• They are trained in classroom management

We have our own in-house materials, supplemented with carefully selected assessment books. As part of the COLEMAN methodology, students engage in fun-filled competitions and simulated examinations that enhance their problem solving skills and prepare them to achieve academic excellence.

At Coleman Academy, we believe that we need to engage our students at the personal level to bring about better results. Thus, we keep our class at a maximum of 10 students. The advantages of offering a smaller class size include having closer rapport with students, a more conducive environment for students to ask questions and clear doubts as well as better customisation of content and area to focus on.

Students who miss a lesson due to official school reasons or illness (supported with MC) will be able to do a make-up session. Parents are to call the Academy to arrange for a make-up session. We regret to inform that we would not do a make-up session for the student if he/she misses lesson for personal reasons.

We do not encourage suspension of lessons as it disrupts learning. The student is expected to make-up for the session(s) missed. You may wish to refer to our Coleman Academy tuition schedule displayed on our website before planning your holidays. For the year-end holiday, no make-up is necessary and your child will carry on from whichever topic the teacher has done with the class.